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The Simple Beauty of Scandinavian Style

Dri-Glo, in collaboration with House of Hanalei 

If you didn’t get across the pond for that European Summer you’ve been craving, firstly - we feel you! Secondly, why not bring that iconic Northern European style to your bedroom and personal living spaces?! 

Scandinavian-style spaces are really a thing of beauty and one of our favourite ways to decorate. With these simple Scandinavian styling tips, you will quickly realise that these kinds of spaces aren’t hard to achieve!


Careful Curation

Firstly, to achieve a Scandinavian look the key is to balance a carefully edited mix of elements; neutral colours, greenery, modern furniture, organic materials and de-cluttered space.   The vibe should be calming, but still with plenty of eye-catching interest. 


Whether you’re trying to achieve the minimalist, modern Scandinavian bedroom - or going for the more rustic, traditional feel - texture is the ticket to both! 


Layering natural textiles such aslinen, wool, jute or burlap - via rugs, throws, bedspreads andcushions - will give your bedroom that ‘pre-loved, lived in’ look you so often see with Scandinavian styling. 

Scandinavian design often boasts a neutral-heavy colour palette; utilising whites, greys and tans to make a space feel uniform and bright. Accents of blue and other bold colours can be incorporated  - however to keep slight and loosely throughout.

Go Green

Minimalist style, neutral palette and accessories - these are some of the first things that come to mind when we think of the Scandinavian style of decorating a space. Naturally, this may lead you to wonder how to add a splash of colour to this setup, whilst maintaining design and style integrity. Indoor plants are the answer!  

Including lots of plants - especially hanging plants - is a great trick for adding a cool ambience and that punch of colour to an otherwise neutral Scandinavian style space. Snake plants, rubber figs and the gorgeous monstera plant are our top 3 picks forScandinavian Decor plants to include as part of your styling. Why? First and foremost, they are easy to care for (big win!) Their gorgeously large leaf shape contrasts the typically sharper edges of scandinavian styling. And finally, they are very compatible with the Scandinavian feature of being practical; acting as a natural air purifier within the room. 


Create Harmony

The art of Scandinavian styling is all about creating a sense of harmony with your surroundings. Got a bedroom with large windows? Maximise natural light by ditching heavy drapery and curtains in favour of more sheer window finishings. OurDri-Glo linen curtains offer that perfect balance as they are light and  billowy - whilst still practical for creating that necessary privacy in your bedroom! We recommend purchasing these in either the ‘White’ or ‘Neutral’ to maintain that typically Scandinavian neutral vibe. 


Minimal and Functional 

One thing a Scandinavian style room is definitely not, is cluttered. After all, the powerhouse that is IKEA was founded by the Swedish! Maintaining an organised bedroom - outside of its practicality and aesthetic, also mental health benefits. It might sound cliche - but we are big proponents that a clean room supports a clean mind. 

To keep in line with this - a Scandinavian inspired bedroom will often boast  furniture with smart storage for practical space-saving.Opting for abed with storage compartments built in will provide you with the extra storage to minimise cluttering within the space. It will also help  keep the dust away from your most-loved wardrobe items! Better yet, if you can find a timber bed frame - with smart storage included - that is tonally light and warm, you are one step closer to nailing that Scandinavian haven you are after! 

We love Scandinavian style simply in how easy it is to achieve! Deciding on a neutral colour scheme - then building in simple accents and diverse texture, is a fantastic place to start. Remember, this is YOUR space! So whether you want to approach Scandinavian style through a modern and minimalist lens - the more traditional, rustic route - or a combination of the two; then we encourage you to do so!