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Our Sustainability Model

Dri-Glo is committed to a sustainable future for our business, our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. We are passionate about sustainability and the part we have to play. With recognition that although we have made some great strides, we have room for improvement, we have embedded a sustainability strategy into our business to hold ourselves accountable, and provide a transparent roadmap to ensure continuous growth. Our strategy is designed with four pillars of Environment, Ethical Sourcing, Our People and Community.

To reduce our environmental impacts, both in our operations and through the products we create, we have identified four main environmental focus areas.


Sustainable design and materials 

Dri-Glo products feature classic design and colour palettes inspired by the Australian landscape which never go out of style. By designing our products this way, with longevity in mind, sustainability is embedded in our range. We choose to use natural fibres, like cotton and linen where possible, and have set ourselves some bold targets in recognition of the important part materials have to play in our sustainability journey.  


By 2025 we will source 100% of our cotton from more sustainable sources as defined by The Textile Exchange, including organic, recycled, BCI and My BMP (Australian Cotton).


By 2025 we will have phase out virgin nylon and polyester in favour of recycled fibres.


By 2023 we will source all our wood, paper, pulp and cellulosic fibres from recycled and Forrest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) stock.


Sustainable production and factories 

We choose to work with partners who share our vision to create great products for our customers, without costing the earth. 


Our Chemicals Policy has been designed to reduce the use of chemicals within our value chain by setting out our requirements regarding the use of restricted and prohibited substances to benefit our customers and the communities and environments where our products are made. 


We are working with our key suppliers to create and implement a Sustainable factories program. Textile value chains are complex and having a robust program that can be followed throughout is an essential support to our team in reaching our sustainability goals. Our sustainable factories program is due to launch in 2022.


Sustainable packaging

Dri-Glo, through our parent company Caprice, are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO). As signatories, we have committed that all of our packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We have already begun work on these commitments, with a reduce/eliminate, re-use and recycle methodology.


By 2023 we will source all of our timber-based packaging products from Forrest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) or recycled feed stock.


With these commitments, we are ensuring less waste to landfill, sustainable timber sourcing practices and more sustainable packaging on all our product lines.


Minimising direct waste

While supply chain materials and manufacturing operations account for the most significant share of our environmental impact, Dri-Glo does not discount the effect that our internal operations can have. We have implemented new recycling systems and waste reduction strategies in our head office and distribution facility.

Dri-Glo is committed to ensuring socially and environmentally responsible sourcing practices across our entire supply chain. We do this in accordance with the law, international obligations, and our customer requirements. We view ethical sourcing as a non-negotiable aspect of our business and, in turn, we expect the same from our suppliers.

To meet our ethical sourcing commitment, Dri-Glo, by way of our parent company Caprice, has implemented an Ethical Sourcing Program that is applicable to all suppliers contracted by Dri-Glo to supply merchandise to, or on behalf of, Dri-Glo.


The program is divided into three levels of action: Prevent, Detect and Respond. 

You can access the full policy and accompanying documents below:

Dri-Glo Ethical Sourcing Code (English)

Dri-Glo Ethical Sourcing Code (Chinese)

Ethical Sourcing Code Poster (English)

Ethical Sourcing Code Poster (Chinese )

Dri-Glo Ethical Sourcing Transparency Policy

Dri-Glo Modern Slavery statement

Dri-Glo Chemicals Policy


Moving Forward

Through our sustainability strategy we have identified opportunities to uplift the Caprice Ethical Sourcing Program so that it will maintain its position as a best in class program.

One of the key focus areas will be to expand the scope of ethical sourcing program beyond our tier one factories (direct factories) to capture our high-risk tier two and three suppliers (e.g. ancillary production and suppliers of components and fabrics). The goal is that by 2023, our ethical sourcing program will be fully implemented across our high risk and strategic supplier factories.

As a family run business, we have a strong and supportive culture which is strengthened by our ethics, diversity and inclusivity. Our sustainability strategy has identified a number of initiatives which will be rolled out to reinforce our commitment to a workplace which prioritises the values of integrity and respect, diversity and inclusion, and employee wellbeing both locally and internationally.

As a family run company, community giving is part of our DNA. We are proud to be supporting key not-for-profit organisations through many staff initiatives year-round. Having office-based initiatives like this build’s community both here and abroad and is something we are very proud of. We are also supporting community through the implementation of I=change. I=change is a platform that allows us to give back from each and every sale. Through this we are able to weave philanthropy into our everyday transactions and allow the consumer to choose where these donations go, granting better transparency and connection.

Community Giving

Intership Program

Sustainable Design (Materials)

Sustainable Factorys (Production)


Direct Waste

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ethics & Culture

Diversity / Inclusion

Health, Saftey & Wellbeing

Ethical Sourcing

Modern Slavery

Living Wage

Animal Wellfare

Supply Chain Mapping

We give back $1 from every purchase. You choose where it goes.

Dri-Glo is proudly partnering with The Starlight Foundation, The ASRC and Beyond Blue.