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Linen reigns supreme this winter!

Linen in winter? Yes! 
We know what you’re thinking, linen is traditionally associated with summer - a fabric for billowy dresses, breathable pants and of course, linen quilted cover sets and sheets. But truth be told - linen’s unique property as a natural thermoregulator actually makes it perfect for year-round use, even in winter! 
So why is linen so popular? 
Well, aside from their luxurious, and truly cosy feel - switching to linen as your bedding of choice has a number of  benefits beyond personal indulgence and comfort. 
These days, everyone is looking towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle and by switching to linen you are making steps in the right direction. 
Firstly, linen is a natural fibre which stems from flax seed. When we hear words such as natural, or organic - that’s already an initial ‘tick!’. However, compared to other natural fibres such as cotton and polyester,Linen uses considerably fewer resources as part of its production process; such as water, energy, pesticides, insecticides and harmful fertilisers. Although Linen is not always ‘organically grown’, it is for these reasons we can consider linen to be a much more sustainable material.  
When homewares hunting, other ways to keep sustainability top of mind is to ensure you are opting for products that feature classic designs and colour palettes which never go out of style; keeping longevity and sustainability top of mind. 
There are also a number of health benefits that come with Linen!
Linen fibres work effectively to repel dirt and suppress nasty pathogenic bacteria and microflora that can be found nestled into your bed sheets. So for the anti-bacterial enthusiasts - a switch to linen is your answer! 
Linen fibres also offer unique properties in that they are so breathable - based on how they are woven , and their hollow composition. With higher air permeability and greater heat conductivity: this means cosier nights, and less sweatier bodies (win!) due to their effectiveness to absorb moisture. 
If you have  sensitive skin, asthma or allergies - linen may also offer the perfect relief as THEtran-seasonal bedding solution. With it’s extremely gentle feel and anti-static properties, linen can promote balance for our skin’s natural PH levels to avoid those nasty breakouts. 
Another reason for the popularity of linen is its premium quality and durability.
Linen is considered the strongest natural fibre in the world; comparatively 30% thicker than cotton, making it super durable and a contributor to its longevity . The lack of stretch in its fibres means it is resistant to damage from abrasion - however due to its low elasticity, we encourage you to be mindful of how you might repeatedly fold and iron your linen bedware! And don’t be fooled by its much lower thread count (80-150), as this is not a credible indicator of quality. 
Finally, like your favourite fine wine, Linen actually gets better with age! ‘The softness and strength are refined by warmth, friction and tension on the fibres’ and It becomes more flexible, supple and durable through use. 
So, not only does linen look and FEEL better, but it has serious longevity as a staple for your bedding. 
With our extensive range of premiumlinen sheet sets &coverlets - we have you covered (excuse the pun)! But for those who just don’t enjoy the feel of linen - we know you’re out there - we are also proud to offer a diverse range of Australiancotton sheets. These also have wonderful properties which we will go into in another blog. For now, we invite you to explore ourpremium linen collection and enjoy a great night’s sleep.