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Refresh Your Bedroom For Autumn


The leaves are changing, the breeze that touch cooler and the days are getting shorter.

Autumn is right around the corner. There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up indoors where it is warm and comforting. Revitalise your space for cosy autumn days with warm tones and soft textures. Here is how we are refreshing our homes for Autumn.

Linen Layers

Add some warmth with layered buttery soft linens in neutral tones like Eucalyptus and Natural. Linen fibers are a great timeless material as they not only keep you cool in the summer but also help to keep you warm in the winter making them the perfect bedding for year-round use, but particularly good for those not quite chilly autumn nights. Layer your linen for that ultra-snug feeling.

 Throws and Pillows

Keep the layers rolling by adding a throw to your bed. Adding a textured throw can not only add visual appeal to your space but is also perfect for those colder nights. Opt for a throw with texture in complimentary colour to your quilt cover set.



Keep the warm air in by adding some lined drapes to your windows. Adding some extra insulation to your windows, you can keep those chilly drafts away.

How do you refresh your room each season? Let us know in the comments!