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3 Interior Design Trends For Your Bedroom

With all the chaos in the world right now it’s no wonder many are looking to change up their spaces. Whether it’s by rearranging the furniture or changing out the art many Aussies are looking to reinvigorate the energy in their homes. So, while you are looking to add a bit of spice to your space here are 3 interior design trends on the rise in 2022 (Warning reading may result in new Pinterest inspiration boards!)

70’s Curve Furniture

This once mid-century staple is back and making an impact as we see a return to retro shapes and Art Deco designs. These effortlessly chic shapes invite feelings of calm and comfort while adding a sense of luxury to a space. Add this trend into your bedroom with sleek circular designs in either your bedhead or side tables or if you are feeling extra bold opt for a round bed!

To ensure ultimate cosy feelings incorporate this trend with soft plush textures such as velvet or boucle, this not only helps to add warmth but adds that extra element of richness to the space.    

Wanting to test the vibe without committing to a new bedhead or furniture? Why not opt to paint your bedhead directly on the wall! Looks stunning and if you aren’t digging the vibe it’s as simple as painting back over it.

Warm tones

Over the past few years, the Scandinavian interior style reigned supreme with its light wooden finishes and clean white surfaces. In fact, beige walls would have been a crime against home design. Well not anymore, as recover from the pandemic we are embracing warm and calming tones. Think walnut, clay and beige tones. These tones have a relaxing effect and when done right can elevate a room from 2015 Ikea catalogue to a night at the QT Hotel.

Pair deep natural textures with warm neutral bed linen such as our Linen Bed Quilt and Sheet sets in Natural or even our Natural Linen Quilted Coverlet set.

Add that extra bit of oomf to the space with warm clay pots and chestnut finishes.

Wooden Furniture

Timber bed frames, bedside tables and warm timber finishes are 2022’s go to option. Adding natural timber to your spaces adds an element of calm and warmth to your bedroom. Plus this natural texture works with any style, making it a perfect companion to your current vibe.

Look for dark, rich walnuts and oaks to create a stunning space that draws the eye and create mood and drama to elevate the look.