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Styling Neutrals In the Bedroom

Bedrooms are a sanctuary for relaxation, which means using neutral tones can be the perfect way to create a calm, serene space.

But how do you bring a space that uses primarily neutral tones to life? 

When it comes to interior design, “neutral” means without colour. Think shades of white, cream, ivory, beige, grey, and even black - all of which appear to be without colour. 

When styling neutrals, there are two main ways to bring your room to life — either with a soft, neutral-only, direction, built up with layers or by using neutrals as a background for eye-catching accents.


Staying soft, calm, and neutral 

If you are going for an all-neutral look,combine shades of white, cream, and natural tones to create an inviting foundation for your space. From here, you will want to add character through layers of different hues, other neutral tones andeven textures

This type of styling is great for bringing features around the room to the forefront. It highlights flooring, window frames, and beams.  

When styling with natural tones, it’s essential to think about fabrics and textures that can also be used to create depth. Add knits, wool, sheepskin,throw cushions – or an on-trend favourite, boucle. These elements are often just as important as the colour palette itself. 

 Another professional tip to help bring to life neutrals is by focusing on your window dressings. By installingfloor-to-ceiling linen or sheer curtains,you can create movement, flow and allow for natural light to also soften the room and emphasise the neutral hues. But, if you like your bedroom dark, that’s ok because linen curtains layer well over blockout curtains - another popular bedroom trend for 2022. 



Using neutrals as a Base 

While mostneutral colours appear without colour, there is always an underline tone or hue. For example, a cream may have an undertone of yellow or pink. You should look for this when you style your room, particularly when creating a space using neutrals as a base. 

Often people get nervous about adding colour to their space; this is why stylists recommend you start with soft furnishings and add layers over time. From rugs to accessories,art to books, and even plants and botanicals, there are so many ways to build upon a classic natural base to create a striking yet relaxing room.



Style with longevity in mind 

With afocus on sustainability, Dri-Glo products feature classic design and colour palettes inspired by the Australian landscape and designed with longevity in mind. Beyond adaptable colours and tones, we also use natural fibres, like high-quality cotton and linen, to ensure products last.   

Decorating with neutrals is a timeless, classy and safe way to style, particularly as minimal and monochromatic trends aren’t going anywhere. But for those who want more of a statement, neutrals are the perfect base to play with bolder colours and playful hues.