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Minimalist Bedroom Style

For every homeowner or resident - we are convinced you are either one of two “stylists”. There is the one who prefers to retreat to a home filled with sentimental objects packed with layers of decor and up-to-trend furniture. Or there are those who will label themselves the ‘minimalist’ - ruthlessly editing out the clutter and noise of their home's interiors, only focusing on the essentials, with longevity in mind, in pursuit of a thoughtfully considered home and oasis. Seeking an aesthetic that is easy to live in, with little effort required to maintain. 

Whether or not you identify as the ‘minimalist’, we hope this blog offers you food for thought on just how easy it is to adopt a minimalist approach - a style suitable to every space and perhaps the ticket to transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you desire and deserve! 

The Colour palette should be carefully considered - and neutral. 

Neutral colours work best for a minimalist look, along with mid-tone white or moody dark tones. Remember – when we use the word ‘neutral’, we are not just referring to your classic beige or cream tones. Neutral colours exist across a spectrum - and it is important that in consideration of this style or scheme, you can still design the space totally suited to your preferences, whether that be for light and bright - or dark, sultry or moody. 

Single Block Colours for your bed linen 

Keep your bedding to a single block colour, such as anAsphalt orWhite quilt cover set. Simple, in this instance, is best, as too many clashing colours and patterns will throw off that zen vibe you’re after.

Keep cushions your cushions ‘tailored’ 

Don’t overdo decorative cushions! Whilst ‘minimalist’ style naturally leans towards the ‘less is more: simple is better’ approach, it also should not compromise on comfort and feel. We suggest a happy medium - the tailored feel. Incorporate two Euro Cushions sat neatly upon two sleeping pillows. This will create a fuller, comfier look and feel to your bed whilst not overpowering the overall aesthetic you’re after. 

Still, keep an eye out for the Abstract.

Abstract art pairs beautifully with the minimalist look. Keep the frame simple, for example, in a neutral mount, or even just hang a frameless canvas. Going larger on the scale will create some dimension and that touch of drama you might be after as a way to diversify the space ever so slightly. 

Subtle textures

Venetian plaster or stucco finish to your walls will incorporate a subtle texture to your bedroom. Pairing this with light and simple window treatments - such asLinen curtains, will create the desired effect and feeling of lightness and stillness in this space; and it’s these qualities that pair so nicely with a minimalist aesthetic. 

Let your Rug be the hero! 

One way to curate auniqueminimalist space is by elevating it with a rug; be it a captivating design, texture, or shape.  Include an organic rug under the bed. The rug should act as the hero in the room and keep the rest of the furnishings understated. Our suggestion? Opt for a patterned rug, particularly a distressed or over-dyedPersian rug. Persian rugs will add that touch of colour to a primarily neutral-toned space, and their symmetrical pattern adds some dimension to the room whilst still maintaining that controlled look and feel. 

When done right, minimalist design should be anything but boring. This decor style is all about prioritising necessity, functionality and simplicity - over incorporating design aspects that exist purely for decorative purposes. Easily achievable via careful curation, adopting a neutral palette, and furnishing with accents of textures and hero products - minimalist styling is one of our favourites in its adaptability to suit everyone’s lifestyle and design preferences.